About Us

The Story began 2008......

A Dad crazy idea and adventure - GemzandMagz are my 2 very precious and beautiful daughters (Gemma & Maggie). Although my  two boys play 'cameo' roles (Josh & Freddie) in the Website.

The idea came about when Gemma was around 6 when she told me she wanted to be an Ice Cream Lady. It stuck with me for years, of creating a small business for them all. One they could be proud of, have fun and run when they get older. So I chose to stop thinking and talking about it, and start about a Mobile Service (like an Ice Cream Van), but not Ice Creams..... and something not already being done.....umm...

Thinking of Gemma's name, ...Midget Gemz ....Retro Sweets !!!

2013 was the year to make those dreams a reality for my children.There are many fabulous retailers online selling Retro Sweets, but few, if any that deliver to you locally  'within a few hours for those nights in, or simple indulgence.

Why not order Sweet Munchies? Delivered within a few hours locally, and after all the shops have closed.

A truly mobile sweetshop that will deliver you your Favourite Munchies, as Dominoes would deliver you a Pizza,.

Mobile Van Retro Sweet Shop, purposely kitted shelved out inside, oh, and very colourful from the outside! Listen and Look out for us… in the New year around Maidstone, Tonbridge, and local areas.

Contact us: Mobile : 07758 436 598

So, above everything else, if we have smiles at the Van of happy kids and adults buying a Magz Bag, or a GemJar, or a just a small Belle heart Tin of sweets….and liking the experience… Awesome, mission accomplished.

This is a LOCAL born service, YOUR service, with the sole aim to bring a smile to a face as they recall the tastes of yesteryear, or for the first time.

Please do speak with me at the Van,  or on Matchdays @Maidstoneunited...or email us anytime. Follow GemzandMagz on Twitter and Like us on Facebook

Enjoyed by Children – Loved by Adults